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Raising Startups AND Babies. Oh My!

In some strange twist of fate, several of the team members at GimmeAnother also happen to be new parents, new daddies specifically. The stork timed delivery most appropriately when these fellas became super duper busy launching a new startup.

Suddenly, in addition to pitching investors and wooing retailers, these guys had to learn to change diapers, sterilize bottle nipples and perfect the art of burping. It’s no surprise then, that one of the first things they all wanted to include on the new GimmeAnother app—which offers easy re-ordering (in 10 seconds or less) for products we need again and again— was diapers and baby wipes.

“It is absolutely the case that I feel like I use 10 baby wipes for every wipe that my wife uses,” says Andrew Figgins, GimmeAnother’s CTO. “I don’t know how she does it, but I want to be like her. So part of my job is getting new wipes since I’m the reason we tend to be running low.”

Andrew is a pretty busy guy. So even though he lives near plenty of stores that sell baby supplies, he prefers the convenience of ordering whatever he can online with his smartphone, whenever he thinks about it—like when the wipe dispenser starts feeling horribly light.

Andrew isn’t alone in his quest for convenient mobile shopping. GimmeAnother has been conducting a series of surveys about online purchasing habits. The latest survey results showed that 43% of respondents who order diapers and baby wipes online, answered “yes” to the question, “Would you prefer to use a re-order button on your iPhone?”

Survey results indicate that future parents will want and use this mobile convenience, as well. GimmeAnother has also been fielding surveys about online shopping habits across various age groups. Respondents were asked if they would prefer to have a “re-order button” on their iPhones, rather than having to shop on a retailer’s actual website.” Nearly 60% of respondents ages 18 to 24 said, “yes.”

The GimmeAnother App is a game-changing mobile solution for retailers looking to offer their customers the convenience of a save-to-mobile option, and it also helps busy moms and dads get the products they need quickly and conveniently.