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May 9

Is Google Shopping Sending Your Customers to the Competition? Try Save to Mobile

Posted by Jennifer on Monday, May 9th, 2016 and filed under Blog Posts, Featured

We live in a world of fickle people. The bottom line is that customers will cheat on you if they find a lower price—unless you give them a reason not to. What are those reasons?

Well, first, if your product is awesome, and the customer absolutely loves it, she won’t stray. Take a dedicated marathon runner, for example. She loves her shoes. She needs to replace them every few months, but no matter what, she orders the same pair again and again. Why? Because she’s found her sole mate (pun intended) in a pair that doesn’t cause blisters or black toenails, isn’t too bulky and doesn’t shred up after a few long runs. She wants her go-to shoes, no matter the price.

The second reason a customer won’t stray is if he is offered an unparalleled level of convenience or customer service when ordering or re-ordering a product. Let’s think about light bulbs, for example. A customer may or may not have a favorite light bulb brand. It’s probably not something he thinks about much beyond the cost. So a light bulb brand or retailer has to hook the customer with something else, like a quick re-order method.

The light bulb retailer might be tempted to utilize Google Shopping to boost sales. That might work—but only if the retailer offers the lowest price. Otherwise the retailer offering the cheaper light bulb will ultimately win the sale. And really, how low can you go?

Leaving customer loyalty and retention up to the chance of Google Shopping is not necessarily the right move. No matter what you sell, if you want to hook customers, convenience is what will land them. Think about the customer who is about to run out of coffee beans. He might have a favorite brand. But if getting to the store in the next few days isn’t convenient and he sees an option to re-order a comparable brand through an app with just a few taps of his smartphone, there’s a big lure there. Convenience.

Convenience is the reason the GimmeAnother team dreamt up the GimmeAnother app, available for free in the App Store and on Google Play. CEO Jon Roketenetz was frustrated with the outdated and clunky online checkout processes he had to endure to re-order some of his favorite products. Plus, none of those products were in the same place, complicating the issue.

The GimmeAnother app works with retailers to offer customers a one-stop-shop on their smartphones where they can re-order all of their favorite products with just a few quick taps. Customers can also use the new Save to Mobile technology to save a product from a retailer website to the “My Products” list on the app to order or re-order whenever they want. GimmeAnother has been hard at work onboarding retailers who sell “recurrable” products, items customers order again and again. Currently GimmeAnother offers an easy re-order method for everything from furnace filters to hair products. In fact, Forbes calls the app, “A customer’s mini mobile marketplace.”

The app offers customers convenience, while offering retailers a new way to think about customer retention and loyalty that doesn’t involve relying on ridiculous discounts to garner attention. It’s a win-win for everyone.