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May 27

Ever heard of “Add to Cart?” That’s a thing of the past. Now try “Save to Mobile”

Posted by Jennifer on Tuesday, May 27th, 2014 and filed under Blog Posts, Featured

What in the world is Save to Mobile? Save to Mobile™ is GimmeAnother’s innovative technology that allows consumers to save their favorite products to their mobile phones for convenient ordering or re-ordering (in less than 10 seconds) whenever they desire. First and foremost, Save to Mobile puts the power back in the customer’s hands—right where it belongs. Essentially, the new technology allows customers to take a unique collection of products with them wherever they go. It fosters customer loyalty and retention for retailers. And for consumers, it provides them (you) the opportunity to make quick purchases via their smartphones when they think about the products they need and want.


How Does it Work?
Let’s take an avid cyclist, for example. She might be browsing for nutrition products on her favorite site, She knows she’s running low on her favorite bars, but she’s not out quite yet. She sees the Save to Mobile button next to the item she wants to buy, she clicks it, and bam! A 12 pack of her favorite flavor of bars is now saved to her “My Products” list in the free GimmeAnother app. It’s that simple. She can re-order the bars with just a few taps on her Apple or Android smartphone whenever she wants. Her life remains just as it has been—fast and convenient. She gets what she wants when she wants it.

GimmeAnother Provides Valuable Mobile Real Estate For Retailers
GimmeAnother, which Forbes calls a “customer’s mini mobile marketplace,” stores a retailer’s products alongside other great items customers know, trust and love. Cyclist gal is pretty busy. So it’s no surprise that she rarely thinks about changing her furnace filter. She’s got long training rides to tackle; she doesn’t have time to run to the hardware store, where she’ll undoubtedly forget which size filter she needs when she’s there. Plus, buying a furnace filter is nowhere near fun. The GimmeAnother app—available in the App Store or on  Google Play—let’s her take care of that chore, as well. Next time she opens the app to order her Braaap Bars, she’ll be pleased to see that she can also order her furnace filter from, using the same quick and easy process. Done! And now has a new, loyal customer! The GimmeAnother app isn’t just convenient for one thing. It’s convenient for your entire crazy life.

Customer Retention & Loyalty
Retailers appreciate GimmeAnother, because it fosters customer loyalty and retention. Before using GimmeAnother, cyclist gal probably wasn’t all that loyal to a furnace filter provider. Likely, she simply grabbed the cheapest filter at the store or selected the first one she came across online after Googling the right size. Now she’s loyal to, thanks to the convenience of re-ordering with just a few taps on her smartphone. Cyclist gal might have always been pretty loyal to Braaap Nutrition, but now with the convenience of Save to Mobile technology, she’ll definitely never waver. In fact, she’ll probably buy more bars now than she ever did before, just because it’s so easy.

Finally a Powerful, Universal Alternative to Subscriptions
The Save to Mobile functionality and the GimmeAnother app provide a handy alternative to calendar-based subscription models from which consumers tend to drop within three months. Why? Well with subscriptions, often customers end up with too little or too much of a product. Cyclist gal lives in an apartment with a small pantry. She doesn’t have room for oodles of bars and stacks of furnace filters. Most of her extra storage space is dedicated to gear. And, understandably, she just can’t live without her favorite nutrition item.

The Save to Mobile Button
GimmeAnother works with retailers who sell recurrable products, items customers tend to order again and again. Once a retailer signs up with GimmeAnother through an easy onboarding process, our tech team assists the retailer with adding a teeny bit of code to their website that places the Save to Mobile button near those recurrable products. That way a customer can click it, enter his or her email address and easily create an account with GimmeAnother. If the customer already has an account, the product is automatically saved to his or her products list within the app. The product is then always available to order or re-order on the customer’s most intimate mobile device, his or smartphone. GimmeAnother and its Save to Mobile functionality integrates with more than 30 payment gateways and a variety of cart and fulfillment systems. We offer a Rapid Integration Program for our Enterprise retailers. Save to Mobile technology is PCI-compliant, uses token-based security and is compatible with Google product feeds.

Bottom line: if you’re a retailer, eliminate the chance for your customer to shop elsewhere. Have a presence in her pocket. If you’re a consumer, stop wasting your time on clunky websites purchasing what you already know you want. Use Save to Mobile technology, and spend 10 seconds shopping with GimmeAnother.