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Mar 24

GimmeAnother Pitching at March Built in Chicago Launch Event Alongside Other Great Chi-town Startups

Posted by Jennifer on Monday, March 24th, 2014 and filed under Blog Posts, Featured

In preparation to pitch at the March Built In Chicago Launch event this Wednesday at Rockit Bar & Grill, we studied up on our fellow pitchers: Classwork, SayHey, Notably and savvo. These companies are doing awesome things. Here’s the lowdown.


The Classwork app allows teachers to gauge student understanding without waiting for homework to be turned in. For example, imagine that a geometry teacher has just taught a lesson on solving a geometry proof involving incongruent triangles. The teacher can use the app to allow the students to solve a proof right there in class on their iPads. The teacher will see each student’s work in real time and be able to provide real-time feedback before sending students off to complete larger assignments. This app, now undergoing a pilot program, will no doubt improve the way teachers engage students and assess their needs.


SayHey! takes advantage of your current location and uses a network to help you interact with others in the same spot. Imagine for example, you’re alone on a work trip in a different city and have time for an early morning round of golf. SayHey! allows you to see if other SayHey! members (who might want to join you) are staying at your hotel. The app provides you with an ice-breaker question first. Something simple like: Do you prefer Superman or Batman?


Notably curates Facebook feeds into a newsletter sent via email. With Notably, customers no longer have to wade through a newsfeed full of food pictures, check-ins, selfies and general over shares, to get to the status updates they truly want to know about.


Savvo uses its “Digital Sommelier” tool to guide customers through the wine shopping experience, right in the aisle (via a tablet at a small kiosk). For suppliers, the tool has the added benefit of strategic marketing; and for retailers, savvo boosts the likelihood that shoppers will return to the store to use the service to make additional purchases.

GimmeAnother (That’s us!)

GimmeAnother offers a “Save-to-Mobile” solution that allows customers to save the products they order again and again into one easy-to-use app on their smartphones. For retailers, GimmeAnother fosters customer loyalty and retention via convenience. And for shoppers, GimmeAnother pretty much eliminates any hassles with mobile shopping. Customers can re-order their favorite products in 10 seconds or less. Download the app here.

We look forward to seeing you at the Launch event!