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Apr 23

Healthy Snacking Made Easy with GimmeAnother App

Posted by Jennifer on Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 and filed under Blog Posts, Featured

When we launched the GimmeAnother app last fall, we had no idea we’d see a trend in the types of retailers who’d jump on board fast. We knew the retailers most likely to sign up to offer their customers our “Save-to-Mobile” convenience would sell what we refer to as “recurrable” products. Those are items customers tend to re-order or buy on a regular basis. What we’ve quickly discovered, however, as we add more and more retailers, is that we’ve unlocked a movement in the specialty foods market and we couldn’t be happier.

This trend makes absolute sense. Specialty food and snack items aren’t always readily available at corner stores, gas stations or grocers. And when a customer finds an item that caters to his or her specific needs—such as a gluten-free nutrition bar or an all-natural granola—he or she tends to stick with it. It becomes more than just an instance of brand loyalty, but rather a steadfast nosh allegiance. Why? Well, when it comes to eating, those who have food allergies, intolerances or something as specific as Celiac disease live by the mantra, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And that’s why they tend to want to stock up on their favorite products regularly. The GimmeAnother app allows customers to do just that with a simple re-ordering process that requires only a few taps on their smartphones.

One of our newest retailers, Braaap Nutrition, creates gluten-free and soy-free nutrition bars for outdoor enthusiasts. “GimmeAnother is just so easy to use,” says Shauna Sledge, president and co-founder of Braaap, which is based in Fort Collins, Colorado. “It’s not like Amazon, where you have to go look under a health food section and then search through a list. GimmeAnother is a one-stop shop, where you just press a button. It’s not a bunch of steps. People can get their bars faster and get out and play.”

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For Shauna and her husband Todd (also a co-founder) that’s what it’s all about. Braaap, they say, is the sound of acceleration. Shauna, who works as a part-time dental hygienist in addition to launching Braaap, is also a Group Fitness Instructor and CrossFit Trainer. She spends her free time training for and competing in endurance running and mountain biking events. Todd is a full-time realtor, who also spends his free time running races and racing motocross, jet skis and more. “Staying active keeps you energized and keeps you feeling alive, pushing your physical limits,” Shauna says. “Everything wrapped around Braaap Nutrition is to be out there enjoying life.”

Braaap Nutrition Bars are balanced with clean, quality ingredients and with all-natural energy sources like coconut oil and Colorado honey. They are gluten free, soy free and preservative free to meet the needs of food-sensitive and health-conscious individuals. Shauna served in the Peace Corps in Mongolia, where she ate a lot of flour-based products and began having stomach issues. After returning to the U.S., she was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance. When she and Todd decided to make the bars, which were first crafted at home in the couple’s kitchen, she wanted to ensure they were easily digestible. It appears she did the right thing, because Braaap fans are in love with the taste and health benefits of the bars. Shauna and Todd worked with a nutritionist to perfect the formula and brand, which is now distributed nationally.

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The Braaap duo also quickly realized the unique diet needs of CrossFitters and other health conscious eaters who follow a Paleo plan. They’ve now released The Paleo Diet Bar, which is exclusively endorsed by Dr. Loren Cordain, the world’s leading expert and founder of the Paleolithic movement. The Paleo Diet Bar is gluten, soy, dairy and preservative free, as well as non-GMO.

Braaap Nutrition bars are currently available on the GimmeAnother app. Shauna and Todd partnered with GimmeAnother to offer Braaap lovers the convenience of re-ordering their go-to bars from their Apple or Android smartphones. “It was a no-brainer,” Shauna says. “It was so easy to get on board. And people should be out playing, not spending time shopping.”