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Oct 8

Press Release: GimmeAnother Adds Save to Mobile for Twitter and Facebook

Posted by Jennifer on Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 and filed under Featured, Press Releases


CHICAGO, IL (July 17, 2014) — GimmeAnother, creators of a game-changing mobile application that allows customers to easily re-order products from their favorite brands and stores, recently released its Save to Mobile™ technology. Save to Mobile empowers customers with the ability to save products directly onto their mobile devices. Now GimmeAnother is excited to announce its Save to Mobile social media onboarding capability. Social media onboarding provides participating retailers with the ability to offer their customers an even better user experience. Retailers can now utilize the Save to Mobile technology with links in social medial posts to engage their loyal fan base.

The recently released Save to Mobile technology provides on-the-go customers with a solution to avoid clunky website checkout processes that require usernames, passwords, credit card numbers and billing info. Instead, customers who are browsing a participating retailer’s website can click the Save to Mobile button next to an item to push that product to the app, where they will find what Forbes calls, their “mini mobile marketplace.” The app stores a customer’s favorite items together in one handy place, where he or she can re-order with just a few taps on his or her Apple or Android smartphone. Save to Mobile social media onboarding enhances the Save to Mobile experience by providing retailers with the ability to engage their customers with social media posts, newsletters, blogs and more. If they desire, customers can simply click the Save to Mobile link in the post to push a product to their products list on the GimmeAnother app. Save to Mobile social media onboarding becomes a useful tool for retailers to alert customers to new items, seasonal favorites, product news and more.

“We are really excited about this new capability because it’s a fun way for retailers and businesses to connect with their customers about all sorts of things while offering the convenience of Save to Mobile,” said Andrew Figgins, GimmeAnother’s chief technology officer. “The whole concept of GimmeAnother was born out of the idea of on-the-go convenience; that’s what mobile apps are ultimately all about. Just as much as we like to empower customers with fast shopping, we like to empower our retailers, too, with fun and engaging social media tools.”

Retailers interested in Save to Mobile social media onboarding can make easy use of the technology with the GimmeAnother Retailer Marketing Tool Box. The Marketing Tool Box offers a variety of customized social media posts, newsletters, blogs and more that retailers can send out to their customers to directly begin the process of increasing customer retention and loyalty.

About GimmeAnother
GimmeAnother is a mobile applications innovator, providing a suite of ecommerce and mobile customer retention tools including Save to Mobile™. The game-changing GimmeAnother app, available in the App Store and on Google Play, allows consumers to store an array of products from different retailers in one location on their phone then complete a re-order for any product in less than ten seconds. The GimmeAnother system and Save to Mobile technology foster customer loyalty and retention and increased order frequency. Retailers can sign up and find more information at