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Nov 26

Press Release: Moms and Dads Want App for Re-ordering Diapers and Wipes Pronto

Posted by Jennifer on Tuesday, November 26th, 2013 and filed under Featured, Press Releases


CHICAGO, IL (Nov 27, 2013) — There’s just no way around it; babies require oodles of diapers and wipes. Savvy moms and dads are turning to their smartphones for help. New survey results from GimmeAnother indicate that nearly half of parents who order diapers and wipes online would prefer to do so directly on their iPhones with one-click re-ordering.

“I’m a dad. I get it,” said Jon Roketenetz, GimmeAnother’s CEO and president. “When you are getting low on something like diapers, you don’t want to have to log on to a website and input a password or a bunch of billing and shipping info. You just need the package to show up at your door the next day.”

GimmeAnother is a mobile application services company that uses “Save-to-Mobile” technology to allow shoppers to save their favorite products to one easy-to-use app for purchase at a later date. GimmeAnother users can simply open up the app and re-order items as they need them or think about them.


GimmeAnother has been conducting a series of surveys about online shopping habits. The latest survey results showed that 43% of respondents who order diapers and baby wipes online, answered “yes” to the question, “Would you prefer to use a re-order button on your iPhone?”

Survey results also indicate that future parents will want and use this mobile convenience. In addition to conducting surveys about specific recurrable products—items customers order again and again—GimmeAnother has also been fielding surveys about online shopping habits across various age groups. Respondents were asked if they’d prefer to have a “re-order button” on their iPhones, rather than having to shop on a retailer’s actual website.” Survey results from three age groups are shown.

“Our cellphones are always in our pockets or nearby,” said Roketenetz, “even when we’re changing diapers. It’s only natural that as our smartphones have gotten smarter, online shopping trends have shifted to mobile shopping trends. Busy, sleep-deprived parents are no doubt going to take advantage of every opportunity for convenience.”

Retailers can integrate GimmeAnother into their current shopping cart systems and provide their customers with the convenience of re-ordering when they want, where they want.

About GimmeAnother

The game-changing GimmeAnother app empowers consumers with the convenience to repurchase their favorite products via smartphone or tablet with the touch of a button in 10 seconds or less and, for retailers, fosters customer loyalty and retention. Retailers can find more info and sign up at