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Nov 19

Press Release: Musicians Demand Quick Re-order Option for Guitar Strings

Posted by Jennifer on Tuesday, November 19th, 2013 and filed under Featured, Press Releases, Uncategorized


CHICAGO, IL (Nov 18, 2013) — GimmeAnother, a mobile application services company that is changing the way consumers use their mobile devices to shop, released the results of its latest survey regarding m-commerce habits. Survey results indicate that more than half of those who shop online for guitar strings desire a one-click re-order option for buying them again.

“You break a string, you need another. It’s as simple as that,” said Jon Roketenetz, GimmeAnother’s CEO and president, who plays guitar in is free time. “There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to pull up an app on your smartphone, hit a button and have a pack delivered the next day.”

GimmeAnother’s latest consumer survey revealed that more than 60% of online shoppers, ages 35 to 44, voted “yes” to wanting a “re-order button on their iPhones” for buying guitar strings. And more than 55%, ages 45 to 54, said “yes” to the same question.

“Our surveys are indicating that mobile shopping on smartphones and tablets is a trend that is growing across many age groups and that consumers are demanding a faster checkout process,” added Roketenetz. “It’s no longer acceptable for retailers to expect their customers to log on to a full website and input a username and password plus a bunch of shipping and billing info. Shoppers want a streamlined system that puts all of their favorite products in one central location.”

GimmeAnother works with retailers who sell items that have a high recurrable factor—products customers re-order on a regular basis—like guitar strings, light bulbs, batteries, cosmetics, coffee and specialty foods. The GimmeAnother app provides customers with a one-stop-shop on their mobile devices, where they can repurchase all of their favorite necessities in 10 seconds or less. Retailers can integrate GimmeAnother into their current shopping cart systems and provide their customers with the convenience of re-ordering when they want, where they want.

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The game-changing GimmeAnother app empowers consumers with the convenience to repurchase their favorite products via smartphone or tablet with the touch of a button in 10 seconds or less and, for retailers, fosters customer loyalty and retention. Retailers can find more info and sign up at